Is China inc. signaling the new Uber opportunity?

Is China inc.’s  Electric Car investments signaling an opportunity for the sharing economy..China  continues to drive forward on the electric vehicle sector but what’s the bigger prize? Perhaps its street curb electricity? Perhaps Uber owners will be able to cash in on home delivery charging needs?

           Tencent recently bought 5% of Tesla  and now Geely has bought 10 per cent of Mercedes-Benz indeed another China Tech Giant Baidu makes continued investment in AI car automation software for next generation vehicles, so it is not too difficult to see how investments by China tech inc. are being made in to this near future market. 

            With the challenge of infrastructure, where all markets face charging service needs, needs that are currently under supplied, perhaps this is what makes Geely’s investment in Daimler very shrewd because Daimler ( Mercedes- Benz owner)  are working to build a new recharge system. A system that enables truck delivery vehicles to operate more effectively; indeed when you consider how rapid growth for online shopping is stretching capacity of home delivery, a delivery service that is increasingly  restricted by legislation banning diesel trucks from town centres and beyond its not too difficult to imagine why US companies like UPS are aligning with Workinghouse to build their own fleet of electric vehicles in the USA and that ever important charging network. 

         So the whilst the sexy end products of a Tesla roadster may catch your eye as an investor or consumer perhaps it is the fuel for the electric vehicles that maybe more alluring as a near future investment purchase.. Perhaps the sharing economy opportunity is for  home owners to become the new electric stations of tomorrow; a recent article shared how in London an average home struggled to have the right 3 phase electricity to build a fast enough charging hub for an owners car making their recharge overnight almost impossible for their daily commute. So the express charger station owner ‘New Street’ may be the next investment for China Inc, maybe the next purchase by China inc is one house per block with curb side charging rights? 

        Maybe Uber will Trump the moment with owners offering free rides whilst you charge your car at their base station, Uber certainly has the network to rapidly respond to urban charging demands; perhaps Uber will provide off grid charging opportunities with Solar tech from companies like Envision 

     Whatever the investment opportunity it is fascinating to watch this new marketplace evolve.. What’s you POV; what do you think will be the main issues facing electric vehicles in the next 3 years?