The death of a salesman: Sales automation with Chatbots is a winning strategy!

OCBC bank in Singapore credit their chatbot Emma with a 10m plus delivery in revenue. Chatbot Emma

Chatbots don’t take hours to build, and can be trained with minimal effort, at not much cost,  quickly becoming unsupervised support for sales and customer service.

Effort Time Money Dice Representing The Ingredients For Business
Effort Time Money Blue Dice Representing The Ingredients For Business

Any company that is not developing or deploying chatbots will be equivalent to someone who thinks that people still listen to voicemail and don’t use messaging apps.

If your not open 247 with chatbots perhaps supported by live chat in a hybrid model or chatbot standalone business models then your likely to be another: “who was that company ” that used to sell that thing?

USA retail jobs are declining at the same if not faster rate than during the global financial crisis: so consumer demand is being satisfied by online delivery; with an every associated increasing appetite for now delivery on product and product support; Chatbots  are the obvious solution to providing anytime support.

Retail meltdown

Retail mall meltdown
KLM are a great indicator of what chatbots can do; voted number one chatbot in reviews last year their bot is a sales force mutliplier.

Chatbot programs can be  powered through voice devices like Alexa; so consumers may now book services, using just voice conversation dialogues, the need to even type has been removed;  you can manage directly to your calendars arranging all other associated services e.g a car pick up to the airport etc it takes minutes to configure to your chatbot app to a service and minutes to enable your chatbot to these platforms.

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