Imagine if Nurses Ran Human Resources

Diversity happens when we consider different views:

marines and credit

If Italy Ran you catering department would you stay for lunch and share ideas @ Work.

ciaoItaly Catering

Imagine if your Airforce were consulted on how to overcome fear and create precision for your sales team

Diversity is about seeing transferable brilliance.

HR are responsible for Recruiting Diversity, but if they are not diverse in their thinking how can they be creative?

Diversity happens when you employ beyond the norms of conventional wisdom

Fun & creativity are key to Innovation, my company challenges conventional thinking, my company employs people like Varik who open opportunities for companies to think differently.

Diversity programs have been around for decades, but most companies still don’t have a highly inclusive workplace. Our research shows that companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. But nearly one-third of companies in the global survey say they are unprepared in this area, while only 19% claim to be fully ready. Deloitte Consulting link

How does your company consider diversity? is it more than the importance of Gender, is it open to military hire, does it consider transferable skills and does it let other cultures bring vitality to boardroom? it would be great to hear your thoughts on culture,engagement and diversity, or just add a line on who you would have running what in the comments, just for fun…