Hiring Talent By Design Part 1


5 thoughts on why we fail to hire the right people by design.

Job Description

Most job adverts, by unintentional design, read like job descriptions, which is not a surprise as these are the usual cut and paste master documents, which Is a tragedy, because maybe the hiring manager meant I am interested in people from other industries, maybe they meant I value passion and learning over direct experience , but the predictable advert just said 10 years experience in Financial services.


 The HR policy by design said ” include a minimum of one lady in the interview shortlist”, but never looked at the metrics analysis to see why the intended hiring outcomes failed.. See… Harvard’s great Business review:


Search Algorithms

 Recruiters searches by design are typically based, on yes you guessed it, the job description; So you receive a list of people who live within one hour, of your office from your competitor, who probably attend the same conferences as you and not surprisingly  have the same thinking.

 Diversity Hiring

 Ask HR what this means and the majority of the time they will talk about the Gender issue, which is important, however,seldom do you hear them discuss diversity of culture, diversity of thinking, diversity of geographies, so maybe a tick in the gender box for policy adherence is the outcome, but you don’t often see transferable skills, cross border geography hiring and different thinking to the ” corporate culture”.

Correspondence Bias

 Typically by design large amount of resource and time is spent on HR professionals, in particular recruiters, to ensure they understand how to interview without personal bias and in a consistent fashion to deliver consistent (same) results,  in contrast seldom do you ever see this extended into the hiring manager community, and or a change of thinking in the Questions at interview for more interesting hiring results.


 So maybe consider this: have some curiosity about the outcomes of your, adverts for great talent, policy compliance, interviewing capability, in the metrics of your  attrition rate and how this correlates to the lack of revenue growth, then consider are these the  “metric outcomes” your company achieved by design.