10 HR Marketing Tips to attract talent

Digital Marketing

1, Job Descriptions Fail!

Do not post a job description; at best it is a dull document that won’t attract the right people, at worst it shows how little your company cares about people engagement. Instead write an Opportunity Advert:

For example:

Management accounting role for competent user of Oracle financials, who can bring creative questioning for a discovery culture:


  • Ten years of experience in management accounting
  • Five years of Oracle Financials
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

2, Remove Your Bias

Be aware of your bias, just because you love a particular aspect of your company, role or environment does not mean that this will appeal to the prospect, write in more broad brush terms and be aware of your bias.

For example:

Flexible rewards in a hi-tech work environment


  • High Salary and Commission
  • Free Catering
  • Modern open plan workspace

3,  Authentic Messaging

Realistically portray your company’s culture, the functions culture perhaps most importantly the hiring managers & teams persona. So consider sharing the managers and a team members personal view, in video form (creating intimacy), about their work environment and why they like it, then add something personal (get to know them) like ‘What makes them laugh’ balanced with ‘What makes them irritated’ these can be light hearted examples as they offer insight in to the People style which the prospect can relate to more.

For example:

If the reality is your culture presents a high pressured environment with a disciplined boss who is demanding and abrupt because time is money, where attrition is 30% and you sink or swim. If that were the work environment you could share a video from a team member as a link to the Opportunity Advert:

this environment challenges my capabilities so I am learning about my full potential, it’s not for the faint of heart but if you want to know how good you can be then this is the right place to be stretched.. I smile when my cat greets me, I frown when I forget to buy milk for my cereal.

3, Social Media Immersion

Utilize the full capability Social engagement; sharing and learning.

For example

  • Sharing: As mentioned in 3,create YouTube Clips of the hiring manager, environment and team.
    • You will find, typically, the quantity of applicants is less than normal however the quality of applicants improve!!
  • Learning: Have a yes no poll at the end of a video that leads to a survey,
    • Will you apply for the role, if not please choose from this (drop down) response;  I didn’t like the manager, the team, the office location, the benefits. This will mean your company can learn how to change the outcomes.

5, Conversational Engagement

Asking the person what interests them and sharing how your company may fit their expectations is a better strategy than sending a job description or reading  a scripted list of enticements. BECAUSE, people have choice and you need to understand what they want so create an engagement like:

Let me get you a coffee, how do you like it; please pull up a chair and tell me what interests you and lets see if we have something that suits.


6, Marketing Data Learning

Capturing Data on the response rates (see Four) and all interactions will help you develop a better strategy of engagement by enabling continuous learning, HR typically fail to do this!

For the last 4 tips send me a message on LinkedIn.