10 HR Marketing tips to Hire Talent

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Candidate engagement has changed, your candidate is more informed, more referenced than ever before; consumers understand how marketing works, they are brand savvy, so in the surplus economy of jobs how we sell person to person is key as a differentiator.

A brand is a personality, it is about trust & relationship, this is why your ‘people brand’ is key, because people buy from people. Corporate canned job adverts are failing, in particular if they read like job descriptions.

People branding is the new currency of company marketing because of the force multiplier of Social Media. Brand building through communities will: drive  loyalty, enable you to maintain dialogue and increase opportunities with talent.

The art of marketing is the art of brand building, if you are not a brand you are a commodity then price is everything and the low cost producer is the only winner. Philip Kotler

We are all brand executives  solving a marketing problem of differentiating our organizations away from being a commodity workshop environment, into something more; building a progressive social media solution  as a hiring executive, in a world where Executive Brand Management (EBM), is as important as a company’s branding, is critical to attract and engage with talent.

As a critical face for your company, so it is essential that you grow your personal brand; doing so will mean you become able to attract talent, furthermore you will become considered as an industry expert in the eyes of your talent and professional community. Growing your brand is easier said than done. It takes time to achieve a valuable following. Today, digital online is the way to build and sustain your community relationships.

“Be yourself everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde

Sharing and selling “you” expertise as part of your personal brand will improve how you attract talent.

10  simple execution points to manage your personal brand:

1. Have a Blog as a repository for your articles and curated news

2. Curate articles are of interest that extend beyond your point of view

3. Create Webinar Engagement to build dialogue

4. Use metrics to manage your brand and a cadence of regular broadcasts

5. Understand how to use event handlers and technology to automate your marketing.

6. -10 Connect and send me a request for me to share these tips.