Organisational Design for 2016 is the solution for 2020 business

Freelance & Intrapreneurs mThe company pyramid is collapsing, middle management is going, and the freelance labor force is growing, are you ready?


Unpredictable volatile markets are continuous:

‘China slows growth, India is the growth market, the UK possibly leaves the EU’

Talent demands are now demanded:

‘A, Work life balance is key, B, CSR matters,  C, invest in my skills  D, I want to be heard

Answer…All of the above 

The Technology enabled workforce is virtually anywhere:

Virtual Reality courtesy of Oculus Rift, Samsung etc. will mean Social workspace collaboration as you know it will change, you will live inside your communicating world from anywhere.

Agile, Scalable, Creative are the KPis for organizational design  because a fixed cost structure does not enable you to mobilize your investments and shape your organization  according market demand, a market that is now very demanding.

So not surprising that the pyramid structure is struggling to cope with this volatile change indeed maybe that is why 45% of companies are considering how to change their organizational design.

Huckleberry partners… Partners Image.pngare a great example of how freelance communities are some of the solution to new organizational design.

Lizzie ( says

                            “ Our Associates can work whenever and wherever they choose and are judged on the quality of their work rather than sitting in a fixed office five days a week 9-5.

                          We put teams together based on their complementary talents, and being a perfect fit for the client, rather than because of their location.”

                            “we are increasingly tasked with organizational engagement by our clients and seen as a solution to risk mitigate their talent needs”

                                So maybe the future shape of companies is entrepreneurial pods, funded by crowd sourced events, that incorporate and dissolve within 2 years; However,   I am sure the new shape  is many shapes  because over processed  management is going and the agile freelance community is already, well a reality!!!